The Glories of Springtime in China and East Texas

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my grandkids lately- mostly observing. When they sit among their toys, and believe me they have a lot of them, they seem distracted and hardly know which one to play with. The world is so interesting for them. Should I play with the teddy bear, the super-size legos, or the Fisher Price cell phone? Springtime is like that for gardeners. They hardly know upon which plant to fix their attention. One minute it’s azaleas, the next dogwoods, then there’s redbuds and bulbs that are coming into bloom. My goodness! It’s a mystifying room full of toys. But let’s stop for a moment and fix our gaze on the Lady Banksia Rose.
The Banksia rose with which we are most familiar is the double blooming yellow Rosa banksiae ‘lutea’.There is also a double blooming white version

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