Noel Coward’s tribute

I have a friend that lent me this LP …. He had the fun to hear “Marlena” at The Café De Paris in London. One can still get the music on iTunes. “Live at The Café De Paris”

Introduction By Noel Coward

We know God made trees

And the birds and the bees

And the seas for the fishes to swim in.

We are also aware

That he had quite a flair

For creating exceptional women.


When Eve said to Adam

‘Start calling me Madam’

The world became far more exciting

Which turns to confusion

The moden delusion

That sex is a question of lighting.


For female allure

Whether pure or impure

Has seldom reported a failure

As I know and you know

From Venus to Juno

Right down to la Dame aux Camelias.


This glamour it seems,

Is the substance of dreams

To the most imperceptive perceiver

The swimmers of the Nile

Could achieve with a smile

Far quicker results than Geneva.


 Now  we all might enjoy,

 Helen of Troy

As a gay, cabaret entertainer

I doubt that she could

Be one quarter as good

As our legendary, lovely Marlene.

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