Looking at a Photo…a Summer Photo!

Leica M10 W/ Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH

What is a good photograph? Sometimes it is hard to be objective (these little ones are my grand children), but I think this image is not bad. First criticisms:

1) Why not crop out all the extraneous beach and gulf water?  We would be thus closer to the central part of the image, and better see the children’s faces etc. .

2) We can hardly see the little girl in pink off in the background… “Take another photograph, capture her as well.”

3) The image seems blown out. ie. Overly bright…

Well now…

1) It is a beach scene on Galveston Island in Texas. Why not try and capture the children in in the midst of their environment? There is not a more expansive place on earth… capture it with that wonderful Leica 35MM lens.

2) Now you’re talking like a Grandfather. That little girl is the cutest little thing… Wouldn’t you love to see more of her in the photo?  But look again. Look!  Take in the sight of that tiny creature standing there with her back to the rest of the world, looking off into the expansive Gulf of Mexico, absorbing and observing it all. I hope the experience soaked into her soul!

3) But Texas is bright in the summer, gloriously bright! Shouldn’t one try and capture it rather than underexposing  the shot?

So! I think it is a fine image, capturing a moment in the great and grand universe. But then again, it is hard to be objective. They are my very own beloved!


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